Manpower Recruitment Services

Recruitment, Training & Outsourcing Manpower:

Our company has started a new division for recruitment, training of manpower and manpower outsourcing services. An operational head and team of qualified managers who head the respective verticals head the department.


Having taken great care in recruiting, the best of the applicants are chosen to become our security personnel. The basic objective of KNS is to hire the best applicants and keep them longer adding a level of continuity and experience rarely found around security firms.

Our company lays great stress and emphasis over recruitment and training. Senior Retired Officers from the armed/ police forces are in charge of the initial selection and recruitment. The final selection is made by a “selection team” headed by director (Training & Recruitment). We carry out recruitment by advertising in leading newspaper by sending own teams to different areas and by our recruitment team located at different areas.

Manpower Recruitment:

The applicants are recruited after some tests and knowing their skills so that they can be the best at the time of their work. Manpower is recruited through references, newspaper ads.

Staff Training Services:

After recruiting, training of the staff is provided so that the security personnel understand their jobs responsibilities and duties. After every six months refresher course is done to enhance the skill of our staff.

Manpower Outsourcing Services:

Manpower outsourcing services are also provided in the company as per the requirement comes from our clients.

Selection Procedure of Security Personnel

Selection processes of security personals and manpower at Khukuri Nepal Security personal is simple. However only those candidates who are honest, hard & willing workers, who fulfil the minimum following criteria, are considered for selection.

All new recruitments at all levels are done by a team of H R presided over by Chief Manager Administration & Operation & managing partner.

Training Programme of Security Personnels


Upon successful completion of the selection requirements each applicant must attend an Orientation Class and go through Pre-Assignment Training taught by a certified instructor. This session also involves acting out hypothetical situations with which security personnel may be confronted and learning how to use communication devices. Applicants must pass a test for every subject and only then will these applicants be considered for a position with KNS and given a right to proudly where our uniform.

Training Programmed: 

General briefing at initial stage: 7 to 10 days of physical training and drill is given at KNS physical training institute.

Duration of training: 4 weeks 

.Training-8 Training-1

Training Techniques: 

Extra emphasis is laid on: 

Moral conduct, prevention of theft, pilferage, crisis management during strike, bomb blast, sabotage, fire etc. After the training, trainees are passed out by a team consisted of Managing Partners, Head operations and manager of the company. Extension of training by 10 to 15 days, if required. If any trainee does not fulfil the standards of training, He is weeded out.

Our Clients For Security Training:-

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2. Vision & Value Overseas Pvt.Ltd. Gangabu, Kathmandu  
3. Anjali Overseas Pvt.Ltd. Samakhusi,Kathmandu  
4. Euro-Asia Employment Services Pvt.Ltd. Sinamangal,Kathmandu  
5. United H.R.Soluation Pvt.Ltd. Koteshor,Kathmandu  
6. Versatile Management  System Pvt.Ltd. Samakhusi,Kathmandu  
7. Sunlight  Human  Resources Pvt.Ltd. Samakhusi, Kathmandu  
8. Surya International Pvt.Ltd. Sinamangal, Kathmandu  
9. Upahar Human  Resources Pvt.Ltd. Sinamangal,Kathmandu  
10. Avatar  Human  Resources  Pvt.Ltd. Airport, Kathmandu  
11. Sharon Manpower  Pvt.Ltd. Sinamangal,Kathmandu  
12. Dolphin Overseas Pvt.Ltd. Sinamangal,Kathmandu  
13. Siddha Global Services Pvt .Ltd. Sinamangal,Kathmandu  
14. Abida Overseas  Pvt.Ltd. Gangabu, Kathmandu  
15. N.C.F. Recruitment  Pvt.Ltd. Sukedhara,Kathmandu  
16. Gulf Innovation Group Nepal Pvt.Ltd. Kupondal, Lalitpur  
17. Tricon Managment  Services  Pvt.Ltd. Sanepa, Kathmandu.  
18. Elite Human  Resources Pvt.Ltd. Gangabu, Kathmandu  
19. Saptakoshi Human  Resources Pvt.Ltd. Sinamangal, Kathmandu  
20. Gulf Star Human  Resources Pvt.Ltd. Samakhusi, Kathmandu.